Come And Experience The True UK Barber Training Projects With Our UK Master Barbers.

Our Available Programs

One Day Workshop - 3,500czk

Run on a Sunday from 10:00 - 15:00

Come and join us in one of our one day workshop. We cover a variety of different workshops from basic barbering techniques to beard scuplting and shaving. One of our UK Master Barbers will be onsite with a live demostration and then working with each student individually as they work on a live client of their own.

This option for barbers who are cutting hair but would like to learn the UK skill of cutting hair to take back with them to their barbershop.

Begginer Barber Program - 75,000czk

4 Days a week in the barbershop for 16 weeks

From trainee to junior barber, the begginer barber program is intended to mentor aspiring barbers, while providing them with the necessary training and skills needed in both barbering and business. After the course is finished students will have the skills to obtain a barber job in the market and possible placement in one of The King Of King's shops in Prague.

Students take on the role of a runner, supporting the running of the shop by undertaking various tasks such as sweeping up, banking money, emptying bins etc. Students are expected to take responsibility for their own learning, continually studying the senior barbers in the shop as well as learning from home, for example by watching YouTube videos provided on top of in house training in the barbershop.

The apprenticeship scheme is perfect for those seeking a long term training programme that gives them hands on experience.

Shadow Master Barber Jay Adams 6,000cz

1 Full Day (8 Hours) @ King Of King's Barbershop

The best way to imporve your skills no matter how long you have cut hairis by watching through a screen. Our shadowing sessions allow you to build on that experience by coming down to watch Jay in person.

This is an observational session; you won’t cut hair, but you’ll get the opportunity to get up close and personal as you watch Jay while he works with his clients and his team. You will be able to ask him as many questions as you like throughout the day to help take your learning forward. You’ll also get 30 minutes over lunch to sit down and discuss with Jay any questions you may have on training.

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